This brief story, that isn’t actually a story, but a school work in which the students were asked to pretend to write a short  newspaper article regarding Ancient Rome, was written by my son last year, when he was 9 years old. I decided to publish it here in its original language, because it is funny like that and also well written, according to the rules  of  journalism, and  though it  is a very short piece of work, nevertheless it gives us the perception that also the children can be little writers. The above image is the original work done entirely by him. (Elisabetta Miari)


A gladiator accidentally killed the Emperor at the Colosseum yesterday, after throwing a sword at him.

The gladiator seemed ready to combat the ferocious lion, but when the gates opened, he screamed like a baby.

In fear, the provocator, threw his sword and run.

The sword  flew towards the throne and decapitated the Emperor instantly.

The head rolled onto the battlefield and the lion died in shock.

The Emperor’s wife was not available for comments, as she hasn’t spoken since the accident.

“She’s a mess” said the Emperor’s wife personal slave “she hasn’t eaten or slept since”.

The provocator was confused and scared about his fate.

“I’m innocent” he shouted madly from his prison cell under the Colosseum “I didn’t throw the sword at him on purpose!”.

The General has temporarily assumed the role of Emperor of Rome until a new Emperor can be chosen.


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