“The paranormal house” by Tommaso Civardi



Since the Phantom Busters started their career consisting in capturing ghosts, they never received a call which says that there is a ghost in a person’s house until just before they wanted to give up with their job.

The  news  on tv  talked about an abandoned two-storey house explored by someone that never came back again. That was their opportunity to catch a ghost and become rich. After few minutes of discussion, they decided to go there with special blasters, ghost detector and a ghost cage.

Just Ted, Aaron and Albert visited the infested house. Lucy and Edwin stayed at the headquarters to watch what the explorers recorded with a webcam. They also had walkie-talkies and microphones to communicate to each other. It was a long and uncomfortable coast to coast journey, from New York to the outskirts of San Francisco.

Once arrived there, they couldn’t believe their eyes. It was completely awful.

The three men, without hesitating, as courageous as musketeers, went in the horror residency. Once the blasters were charged and the detector was switched on, they were ready to bust ghosts. As soon as they  entered the habitation, a long, spooky corridor appeared. They walked along the squeaky parquetry of the corridor until a big door blocked the way. The door was locked, it was armoured somehow.

They went into the room next to the bulletproof door. The wall had a crack and the three adventurists did their best to expand the crack and smash the wall. Once they arrived in the armoured room, it was midnight. They decided to stay to sleep there and see what happened.

During the night, Albert was awaken by strange sounds. Then the other two woke up too and they searched for ghosts all over the house. The ghost detector found something: it was beeping faster and faster until they turned a corner and saw a ghost in front of them. The ghost was magnificent: he was transparent blue. He was staring at them while floating in the air and coming towards them. The three courageous people charged their blasters very slowly and fired. Three blasters were shooting at the spectre. The phantom was loosing power while they felt the recoil. The blasters got broken and the ghost flied away from the house, but  the Phantom Busters didn’t give up and chased the wraith until they found him in a country road. Aaron and Albert shooted the bogeyman while Ted drove the car.

All San Francisco heard the car siren. Albert shot well and got the ghost. They trapped the ghost and imprisoned him in the ghost cage. The Phantom

Buster’s first mission was completed.



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